Enable distributed testing for children, parents and teachers with visibility of results to prevent the introduction of infection to the classroom and automate school reporting

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Manage home testing and reporting

Whether using Government supplied tests or private tests, Reactivate enables easy to use test reporting and symptomatic digital screening for the educational environment. Automate reports to educational and health authorities and always stay in the loop with the combination of the secure Reactivate Platform and mobile App for iOS and Android.

Reduce the risk of infection by testing and reporting at home. Prevent outbreaks before they happen and manage the educational setting with ease and transparency


Empower parents and students to test from home and report using the Reactivate App

As part of Synoptic’s commitment to a safe future, we provide the Reactivate App to teachers, parents and students for free, enabling the reporting of daily symptoms and COVID tests, whether commercially sourced or free from the Government to ensure the safety of households and the educational setting. The Reactivate App is overseen by Synoptic, an official listed UK Government Provider Testing Provider with in App test self administration step by step guidance with reporting directly integrated into Public Health England.


Reduce the administration burden by automating DfE and PHE daily reporting with Reactivate for Education

Whilst managing COVID testing on premises could be managed and organised within a school hall, distributed testing from home means the challenge of collecting, managing and having visibility on all of the results and communicating hundreds, if not thousands of tests each week becomes a monumental challenge. Reactivate takes the pain away from this logistical nightmare by automating granular reporting for each individual and managing automated, approved reports to the Department of Education and Public Health England on a daily basis.

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