Create a safe and fair workplace that manages new risk as it is shared in real-time

Create confidence in the workplace

The Reactivate app and dashboard provide businesses and the individuals within them with the means to share and access the data they need. Staff can securely share their risk status with those that need it and with this data HR teams can robustly manage a workforce whilst staff are reassured that their own employers are looking out for them

Create confidence in the workplace with Reactivate, the end to end solution for an inclusive, safe and equitable working environment 


Through innovation we can create socially responsible safe workplaces that provide peace of mind for all staff

COVID has proven to be a complex problem to solve. At Synoptic we have faced the challenge head on and in a comprehensive manner, taking into consideration the many aspects that contribute to a solution. From testing to the vaccine, there are many variables that need to be taken into consideration when asking what constitutes a safe workplace. Our innovative solution is designed to take every circumstance into account, from private and public testing, to social distancing and health status’s. We also consider travel into the workplace and an individuals personal household. We are all connected, so the solution to finding a safe way to get back to normal life needs to be too.

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