Keep the workplace safe for your staff and customers whilst managing the introduction of new risk every day with proximity based private test, track and trace in real-time

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Whether everyone is coming back to the workplace or you’re adopting a hybrid approach of home and office working, Synoptic provide the solution to ensuring the workplace is safe. Identify potential risk before it is introduced into the workplace using digital symptomatic screening and testing, whilst providing visibility of who has had the vaccine, what their status is and who has interacted with whom. In workplace proximity monitoring provides powerful retrospective track and trace, with notifications for risk and testing happening automatically.

Create confidence in the work place with Reactivate, the end to end solution for an inclusive, safe and sustainable life


Through innovation we can create socially responsible safe workplaces that provide peace of mind for all staff

COVID has proven to be a complex problem to solve. At Synoptic we have faced the challenge head on and in a comprehensive manner, taking into consideration the many aspects that contribute to a solution. From testing to the vaccine, there are many variables that need to be taken into consideration when asking what constitutes a safe workplace. Our innovative solution is designed to take every circumstance into account, from private and public testing, to social distancing and health status’s. We also consider travel into the workplace and an individuals personal household. We are all connected, so the solution to finding a safe way to get back to normal life needs to be too.

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