Every interaction is monitored so that fans, teams, and staff are protected before, during, and after an event

Making events safe again

Reactivate ensures the safest possible environment leading up to‭, ‬during and post-event. Increase fan attendance safely with a universally recognised digital green pass or test validated ticketing, in-venue proximity detection, and post-event risk-based track and trace follow up

Unkown variables such as new strains require testing and disclosure of risk status on a personal and professional level


Creating a COVID free environment where everyone has the confidence that measures have been taken to ensure staff and fan safety

Irrespective of testing provider, Reactivate ensures the safest possible environment leading up to, during and post event using our state of the art, user privacy based technology which spans countries and use cases.


Each group can manage their responsibility privately, whether a team, stadium or fan whilst organisers have a complete overview

With the introduction of one group to another at the same place at the same time, risk is elevated. Whilst responsibility of each group varies, Reactivate manages the visibility of risk by connecting all parties privately and provides critical insight in real-time.


Avoid the reputational damage that comes with an outbreak by demonstrably stopping the spread of infection

Reactivate enables each club and stadium to securely manage their staff and logistics, each ticket holding fan to manage their own personal COVID testing and health disclosure whilst giving organisers a view of overall compliance and safety.

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