Every time you are introduced into a new group of people, such as going to work, going home or going to an event, the potential risk of infection is reset to those around you

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We are all connected. Living life safely in all walks of life requires a solution that understands how interconnected our lives are. This is why we built Reactivate, to solve the problems caused by the pandemic from many view points whilst making it work for you, whether you’re a mother or a brother, a manager or a teacher, a sports fan or doctor. At Synoptic we believe we are all part of the solution to a better life.

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Identifying how your daily interactions affect your risk of infection or transmission

Whether you’re going to work in an office of colleagues or going home to your family who have been at school or at work too, with each interaction with a group of people there is risk. With regular testing, understanding who has had the vaccine and whether it is working as intended, it is possible to create a safer future with reduced risk. Reactivate empowers the individual whilst helping companies and groups understand risk in organised settings, helping everyone stay safe together.

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