Testing has become part of life. With Reactivate, wherever you are in the world you can access approved tests at your fingertips through our ever growing universal network

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Access to testing wherever you go

The pandemic is a global event, so we believe we should provide a global solution. Wherever you’re from and wherever you’re going, Reactivate provides consistency in testing from the palm of your hand. Our international partner network of government accredited labs provides local access to testing for the purposes you need, when you need, where you need.

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Convenience is king when it comes to living your life

Synoptic work closely with partners to enable a seamless testing experience irrespective of where you are. Each country has different rules for testing and isolation, we ensure you are informed and have the local knowledge available to you. With all the new complexities in the world due to the impacts of the pandemic, we want to ensure testing is not one of them.

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