Keep safe with digital bubbles for you, your family and friends

Create bubbles for your household, friends and family to share and be aware of COVID-19 contact. Access tests at home and create safe environments for interaction with everyone you care about.

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The personal social network for health which you control – share status updates to protect those around you

Reactivate empowers individuals and organisations to connect with each other and contribute so that everyone is able to better understand the virus. Through shared responsibility and within a secure and shared system of daily screening, comprehensive testing, automatic tracking and tracing and secure sharing, every user helps to make the next move the right move.

Alexandra D’Arcy Clark – Chief Development Officer

Order tests from your phone direct to your home or a family member’s

Making sure my immediate family and those around me are safe is extremely important. Using Reactivate I can keep an eye on the health of high risk members of my family like my parents. I’m alerted if they have symptoms and can order a test for both them, my children and my household.

Glen Huxley – Synoptic

Create COVID-19 free home environments to mitigate potential risk when you see those you love using Reactivate and regular testing

We can all do our bit, but it starts at home. Take care and share with those you love, together we can defeat the virus and find a new safe way of living.

Graeme Scott – Synoptic

Testing options to cover low cost COVID-19 screening, antibody detection tests and lab based PCR tests to verify current infections

Rapid Antigen Tests

Antibody Tests

PCR Swab Tests

We work with a range of partners in the COVID-19 testing sector, from PHE Certified labs across the UK to sourcing experts who supply certified tests to both the public and private sector. Tests provisioned by our partners are sourced and delivered specifically outside of the Government supply chain to avoid disruption to national efforts, whilst enhancing capacity across the commercial sector.




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£5 per family

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*Pricing for Reactivate Software only, tests sold separately. Prices exclude VAT.

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