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Your personal bubble management app to keep you, your family, your friends and your household safe

When you drop your children off at school they will be mixing with other children. When you go to work you will be mixing with colleagues. When you meet friends at the shops or for dinner, you are mixing with more people. At the end of the day, everyone comes home and spends the night in the same household. The virus does not discern between locations, it simply transmits.

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Add your friends, family and colleagues to your private personal bubbles to prevent being directly or indirectly exposed or exposing others in your bubbles to the virus

Reactivate Personal uses a common sense approach to reducing exposure to the virus and preventing outbreaks at source. Share your status privately with your personal bubbles and vice versa to enable increased visibility to potential exposure, whether directly or indirectly by avoiding symptomatic or potentially exposed members of your bubbles. With access to testing provided by Government approved COVID test providers via the app, you can enjoy peace of mind when choosing to interact with your friends, family and loved ones.

Manage Personal Bubbles

From your friends, family, household or extended network of colleagues, Reactivate helps you group the individuals with whom you regularly interact with to provide visibility for risk of potential transmission of the virus

Daily Symptomatic Screening

Before each day begins, the Reactivate App asks symptomatic screening questions for you and your household, ensuring any potential risk is identified before the day begins and your bubbles are aware of any infection risk, avoiding potential spread of infection to those you love

Testing Results Reporting

Reporting results, whether positive, negative or inconclusive is a legal requirement. Reactivate Personal provide the ability to ensure all results are submitted to Public Health England, irrespective of test type using the Reactivate iOS/Android App

Visualise Tier/Level impact

With ever changing status of Tiers, Levels and regionalised lockdowns, you can see how you’re affected and what it means to you. Check the status of your friends and family who may be in a different Tier/Level to you

Provision Testing on Demand

Reactivate has integrated with several Government listed test providers to enable to purchase a variety of COVID tests direct from your app direct to your home at the touch of a button, providing convenience and rapid deployment when needed most

Work Use Compatible

If your employer or school uses Reactivate Enterprise, your Reactivate Personal iOS and Android app will automatically for work helping protect colleagues and the workplace whilst being retaining complete privacy for your personal bubbles

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