Synoptic listed on list of Coronavirus Testing Providers

“Synoptic is a Government approved Covid-19 testing provider, licensed to supply tests to companies, schools and other private organisations. Through our Reactivate app, we can offer CE approved tests and risk management solutions which are fully compliant with Government guidelines and have a validated reporting process, which ensures efficient and accurate processing of results. Through Synoptic Reactivate, we can help you to deliver employee or classroom testing, ensuring you are able to continue as normal, confident in the knowledge that you can accurately manage infection risk. Our approach is to provide you with risk management solutions, ensuring that the network of contacts associated with a positive case can be immediately and automatically notified via the app or text message, and tests sent to their home address. By using Synoptic Reactivate, we can continue to keep offices and classrooms open in a Covid-19 secure way. For further details about how we can support you through Synoptic Reactivate and our Government approved Covid-19 testing solutions, please contact us on”