Enabling efficient remote Primary Care

Enabling GPs to care for their patients remotely

Monitor digital symptom updates, deploy CE approved COVID-19 tests to homes, and securely view results to advise on the next best step


Understand how your patients are affected and safely offer them the care and advice they need

Reactivate provides a powerful set of tools to protect patients, manage their symptoms and deliver testing to those that need it. By allowing GPs to securely monitor their patients they can offer advice and healthcare and ultimately help to protect the NHS as well.

Real-time Reporting and Alerts

Securely view patient health updates and test status changes as they are reported in real-time, find out when a patient reports worsening symptoms or requires a test, as well as notifications of results in real-time

Digital Symptom Screening

Symptom screening within the app ensures that a potential case can be identified before it reaches practice premises and to monitor patient symptoms on a daily basis throughout the duration of COVID illness

Test Result Reporting

Reporting results, whether positive, negative or inconclusive is a legal requirement. In compliance with Government guidelines every result submitted to Reactivate, is also reported to Public Health England, irrespective of test type or where it was taken

Impacts by Area

Reactivate provides a real-time digital case rate heat map to clearly identify local, regional and nationwide impacts of COVID-19. Visualise the increase or decrease in case rates in your patient catchment area and beyond in real-time

Provision Testing on Demand

Via Reactivate, CE marked Antigen, PCR and Antibody COVID tests may be rapidly deployed to your patients, direct to their home for convenience and safety. As a Government approved provider of testing, Reactivate meets all required testing compliance

Personal Use Compatible

Reactivate iOS and Android app is also available for personal use, helping individuals protect their ‘bubbles’ whilst respecting their privacy at all times. In addition, Reactivate can be used in schools and offices retaining complete user privacy at all times

Discover How Reactivate Works

Compliment quality care with safe, efficient and effective COVID testing with daily patient monitoring to manage symptom reporting in real-time

Specific Use Cases

Reactivate can solve the problems GPs face in a remote setting and help to protect their patients

Keeping in contact with patients during COVID

The impact COVID-19 has had on primary healthcare and subsequently critical care is well documented and a challenge faced by medical professionals across the world. Reactivate for GPs by Synoptic provides an efficient and effective system for providing a wide range of testing direct to patients, reducing risk of infection and providing valuable daily insights into a patients symptom status for ongoing monitoring of condition in a manner that enables doctors to be better informed and connected. This is especially valuable with COVID based upon the critical first 7 days of infection which are indicative of where hospitalisation may be required.

Keeping the lines of communication open with your GP

With an ever evolving situation with regards to new strains, vaccines, symptoms and immunity through antibodies, keeping a line of communication with your GP through Reactivate ensures you and your household always have to the relevant tests to help inform facts and provides awareness to your doctor of your current condition. Where information can help not only yourself and your doctor, but many others who suffer the effects of COVID, understanding the science is more important than ever. Whether asymptomatic or symptomatic, access to testing and a constant communication with your GP enables a better understanding of how COVID affects people, and helps science find better ways to reduce risk and improve care. Listed Test Provider

Listed by the DHSC on the official website as COVID-19 testing provider declared as meeting the required standards and reviewed by UKAS. View more information here

GDPR Compliant

Reactivate Enterprise is GDPR compliant and is ISO27001 and ISO90001 certified. Synoptic take security extremely seriously and ensure data privacy is at the forefront of our technology

PHE / NHS Test & Trace

Synoptic Reactivate is integrated into the official Public Health England COVID-19 reporting framework and is designed to support NHS Test and Trace in the United Kingdom

MHRA Approved Tests

Synoptic only work with ‘Reactivate Ready’ tests from partners which are certified MHRA approved for home and business use and recognised by the DHSC in the UK

Reactivate your practice