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Covid-19 management and testing at enterprise-level

A secure dashboard that instantly enables management teams to understand where there is risk


Monitor daily attendance

View isolation status, symptom reports and be alerted of any changes in real-time so that you can make decisions quickly and operational disruption is minimal

Manage Workplace Bubbles

From school classrooms to company departments Reactivate helps you group individuals who interact for better planning, screening and absence management

Daily Symptomatic Screening

Before each day begins, the Reactivate App asks enables users to report any/no symptoms ensuring potential risk is identified before reaching workplace premises

Vaccine Verification

Understand who has had the vaccine, how many doses they have had, when and what type they received

Testing Results Reporting

Reporting results, whether positive, negative or inconclusive is a legal requirement. Reactivate Enterprise provide the ability to ensure all results are submitted to Public Health England, irrespective of test type or where they are taken using the Enterprise Admin Console and/or the Reactivate iOS/Android App

Local and national level impact

With ever-changing regional statuses, understanding who is affected and whether that prevents them from attending the workplace can have a huge impact on daily operations. Reactivate Enterprise provides a visual dashboard to clearly identify how your workforce is affected

Provision Testing on Demand

Synoptic has integrated with several Government listed test providers to enable to provisioning of a variety of COVID tests direct from the Reactivate Enterprise Platform to both the work place and the home at the touch of a button, providing convenience and rapid deployment when needed most

Auto Micro-lockdowns

Understanding who is in which bubble as well as the health status of every member of an organisation through digital screening and testing means Reactivate can immediately notify all affected individuals in real-time, protecting lives and preventing potential outbreaks at source

Personal Use Compatible

Reactivate Enterprise users can use the iOS and Android app for work with their colleagues and employer whilst being compatible with private and personal bubbles outside of their organisation, helping individuals protect their friends, family and household whilst respecting their privacy at all times


During these uncertain times, bring some clarity to your organisation’s daily operations

Specific Use Cases

From schools and film sets to ports and distribution centres, Reactivate Enterprise can solve the problems faced to keep people safe and maintain efficiency

Keeping schools safe

Running an educational institution is challenging enough without a pandemic thrown into the mix. With the wellbeing of the lives of staff and teachers falling under the remit of the employer, as well as the duty of care for students, knowing the health status of everyone interacting with each other is more important than ever. Add to this the requirements from the Government for testing and reporting and the situation in which schools find themselves could rapidly become overwhelming. Reactivate helps schools manage operating with clarity, compliance and efficiency by providing visibility, including handling the following on behalf of schools.

  • All test results (+ve or -ve) must be reported by law to PHE within 24 hours (if there’s a positive) or 7 days
  • We can also handle DfE daily “Code X” reporting of how many pupils isolating and why
  • Automatic calculation of isolation end dates in case of positive result
  • Heads (and admins) automatically notified of positive tests
  • Full audit trail of who administered the test, and when
  • PCR, antigen and antibody all supported
  • We can also automatically isolate other household members, eg siblings in same (or other) school

Safe sets for TV and Film

Filming television and films require key people to be on set and to work to very strict schedules. Any disruption can be extremely costly and damaging. However, it is important to ensure that each member of the cast and crews health and safety is put first. Reactivate provide non intrusive management for production companies to efficiently and effectively manage COVID screening, testing and management on and off set during the duration of a shoot.

  • Rapid access to tests for screening and symptomatic purposes
  • Daily digital screening to prevent potential on set outbreak and spread of infection
  • Cast and crew ‘bubbles’ to ensure limit of unnecessary interaction to reduce risk
  • Bubble manager to oversee testing and management of talent to protect privacy
  • Complete privacy for household bubbles of cast and crew whilst providing visibility of risk
  • Daily screening management and scheduling with lab based testing for verification
  • Exposure based track and trace for cast and crew in the event of a positive case
  • Digital audit trail for compliance purposes

Keeping Business Moving

Not everyone can work from home, for those that need to go to a place of work such as manufacturing and distribution, keeping people safe and operations running is of the utmost importance. That requires knowing who is coming to work each and every day, who has to isolate and what the health status is of each staff member. The absence of key staff can cause losses and delays which adversely affect business. At Synoptic, we ensure that business can keep moving safely with the wellbeing of staff being placed front and centre. Reactivate Enterprise provides valuable real-time insights into the effect of COVID-19 on day to day operations and enables rapid decision making whilst also enabling manageable screening and testing programs across multiple locations. Preventing outbreaks requires real-time flow of data for critical decision making by management.

  • Manage regular scheduled screening and testing
  • Identify daily absences in real-time for better preparedness and cover
  • Manage workplace bubbles with ease
  • Automatically provide reporting for compliance with Government requirements
  • Understand geographical impact of lockdowns visually

GDPR Compliant

Reactivate Enterprise is GDPR compliant and is ISO27001 and ISO90001 certified. Synoptic take security extremely seriously and ensure data privacy is at the forefront of our technology

PHE / NHS Test & Trace

Synoptic Reactivate is integrated into the official Public Health England COVID-19 reporting framework and is designed to support NHS Test and Trace in the United Kingdom

MHRA Approved Tests

Synoptic only work with ‘Reactivate Ready’ tests from partners which are certified MHRA approved for home and business use and recognised by the DHSC in the UK

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