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COVID and testing management for a protected workforce

When the bulk of a workforce is employed on-site they are instantly more vulnerable. Reactivate is designed to safeguard so that this work can continue


Understand how Covid-19, and the restrictions associated with it, affect your workforce and your projects, from lockdown measures to tier levels to isolation duration, Reactivate helps you understand the situation in real-time

Whilst we await mass vaccination, living in a pandemic presents challenges to different parts of construction, manufacturing and engineering. Reactivate provides a powerful set of tools to protect against Covid-19 thereby safeguarding those that are still able to work.

Real-time Reporting and Alerts

View health status changes as they are reported in real-time and alert those affected in order that everything else can continue to operate with minimal disruption

Manage Workforce Bubbles

From designers to engineers, Reactivate helps you group individuals who interact with each other to provide visibility for planning, screening and absence management

Daily Symptomatic Screening

Before each day begins, symptomatic screening within the Reactivate app ensures that potential risk is identified before reaching work premises, minimising the spread of infection

Manage Screening Programs

Reactivate enables scalable COVID screening programs by aligning who is due to be where and when with everyone’s real-time symptom reports, test results, isolation, quarantine or even vaccination status’

Test Result Reporting

Reporting results, whether positive, negative or inconclusive is a legal requirement. In compliance with Government guidelines every result submitted to Reactivate, is also reported to Public Health England, irrespective of test type or where it was taken

Restriction Impacts

The constant change in restrictions will affect every individual differently. In order to better understand the impacts Reactivate provides a real-time digital map to clearly identify who is affected and how

Provision Testing on Demand

Via the Reactivate Management Platform CE marked Antigen, PCR and Antibody COVID tests may be rapidly deployed to employee home addresses at the touch of a button

Auto Micro-lockdowns

Through understanding bubble interaction Reactivate can immediately notify potentially affected individuals in real-time and prevent escalated outbreaks

Personal Use Compatible

Reactivate iOS and Android app is also compatible with private and personal bubbles, helping individuals protect their friends, family and household, whilst respecting their privacy at all times

Discover How Reactivate Works

In a time of uncertainty and constantly shifting sands, bring clarity to your everyday

Specific Use Cases

Reactivate can solve the problems different industries face and help to protect the people within them

Maintaining a safe workplace

Running a construction project is challenging enough without a pandemic thrown into the mix. With the well-being of employees falling under the remit of the employer, knowing the health status of everyone and how they interact is paramount to safeguarding your team. With the reporting requirements of the Government added to this, management teams have a huge responsibility when it comes to managing Covid risks. Reactivate helps production management to operate safely and efficiently by handling the following:

  • Reporting all test results (+ve or -ve) to PHE within 24 hours (if there’s a positive) or 7 days (if negative or inconclusive) in compliance with the law
  • Reporting positive test results to the local authority
  • Managing communication to the workforce of what to do if there is a positive case in their bubble
  • Automatic calculation of isolation end dates in case of a positive result
  • Management are automatically notified of positive tests in real-time
  • Provisioning the necessary test to those that need it
  • Providing a full audit trail of who administered the test, and when
  • PCR, antigen and antibody test result reports are all supported

Keeping a workforce safe

Managing covid risks means joining the dots between your household bubbles and your work bubble. Reactivate helps all workforce members to keep themselves, their co-workers and their families safe by keeping everyone up to date with positive cases, and making sure everyone has the right guidance for themselves and their households. Using Reactivate they can:

  • Request tests which will be delivered to their home address
  • Avoid missing work by having to isolate unnecessarily through rapidly determining if they have the virus with an antigen test
  • Receive instant notifications regarding members of their bubbles both on and off-site
  • Automatically inform bubble members of any risk in real-time so that instant decisions can be made and risk can be mitigated Listed Test Provider

Listed by the DHSC on the official website as COVID-19 testing provider declared as meeting the required standards and reviewed by UKAS. View more information here

GDPR Compliant

Reactivate Enterprise is GDPR compliant and is ISO27001 and ISO90001 certified. Synoptic take security extremely seriously and ensure data privacy is at the forefront of our technology

PHE / NHS Test & Trace

Synoptic Reactivate is integrated into the official Public Health England COVID-19 reporting framework and is designed to support NHS Test and Trace in the United Kingdom

MHRA Approved Tests

Synoptic only work with ‘Reactivate Ready’ tests from partners which are certified MHRA approved for home and business use and recognised by the DHSC in the UK

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