How risk-management technology can provide an effective solution to COVID certification

Graeme Scott, chief executive and founder, Synoptic, explains the technology behind mooted COVID-19 certification.  There’s no doubt that COVID-19 Certification is an important step to reopening venues and hospitality, however at Synoptic, we believe that more than just proof of test or vaccination status is required to effectively manage risk. We have created the Synoptic Reactivate software which uses a personal owned responsibility model where a user is in control of their data, but connected to their friends, families, companies and wider society. Synoptic’s Reactivate software can detail whether a user has been vaccinated against COVID-19 and the length of time since this vaccination has taken place, helping determine whether an effective antibody response has yet occurred. For businesses, Reactivate can be used to manage the COVID-status of their workforce.

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Managing and monitoring COVID-19 risk: 5 lessons from the frontline

Providing school leaders with added support and new technological approaches can help to create more COVID-secure schools The UK, at long last, is slowly emerging from lockdown. Keeping schools open is – and should be – the government’s priority, but this process is likely to be fraught with challenges. With this in mind, in August 2020 Synoptic partnered with schools across Cambridgeshire to pilot Reactivate, integrating app technology with dashboard management software to support schools in managing their COVID risk. As users report their COVID status within the Reactivate app (i.e, symptoms or a positive test result), this information is then visible to an administrator within the secure Reactivate dashboard. The dashboard provides a clear and real-time overview that enables administrators to make swift decisions in order to minimise learning disruption and infection spread. In this

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Helping Manage Covid-19 Risk in Schools: Results from the Synoptic Reactivate Pilots at schools in Cambridgeshire and Hampshire

Helping Manage Covid-19 Risk in Schools: Results from the Synoptic Reactivate Pilots at schools in Cambridgeshire and Hampshire Through Synoptics’ Reactivate software, we can enable schools and businesses to effectively manage and contain Covid-19, using our app and management dashboard. To demonstrate this, since September 2020 we have been piloting this software at three UK schools, with over 2900 participants. Not only has this led to 80 interventions, preventing potential Covid outbreaks and spread, but it has provided new insights as to how schools, business and the Government should look to respond to Covid-19 spread. Bridging the gap between the workplace and household Within 2 weeks of the pilot, we found that 9 out of 10 teachers having to isolate were doing so because members of

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