We need more than just Covid certification to deliver a great British summer. We need to better manage risk

We need more than just Covid certification to deliver a great British summer. We need to better manage risk. Recently the Health Secretary Matt Hancock spoke of his belief that this year would see a “Great British Summer” with the country returned to a more normal state of affairs. The Government’s strategy to deliver this now seems focused on the development of Covid-19 certification, with people likely required to prove they have been vaccinated or received a negative test, to enter venues like pubs or sporting events. However, a certification only scheme alone does not provide us with the tools to unlock our hard-hit hospitality and events industry. We need to ensure that we combine covid certification with a more comprehensive system which uses data to

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Synoptic listed on list of Coronavirus Testing Providers "Synoptic is a Government approved Covid-19 testing provider, licensed to supply tests to companies, schools and other private organisations. Through our Reactivate app, we can offer CE approved tests and risk management solutions which are fully compliant with Government guidelines and have a validated reporting process, which ensures efficient and accurate processing of results. Through Synoptic Reactivate, we can help you to deliver employee or classroom testing, ensuring you are able to continue as normal, confident in the knowledge that you can accurately manage infection risk. Our approach is to provide you with risk management solutions, ensuring that the network of contacts associated with a positive case can be immediately and automatically notified

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Synoptic integrate with Public Health England daily reporting figures

Synoptic integrate with Public Health England for reporting of daily figures via Reactive Enterprise and App users Synoptic's Reactivate Enterprise Platform and Apps are now integrated into the Public Health England daily reporting system for the United Kingdom, ensuring cases and test results managed under the Reactivate are reported in real-time to ensure public safety for our users.  Managing large numbers of people in pre-existing groups, such as schools and businesses can be very difficult when it only takes one positive individual to cause a potential outbreak. Synoptic makes managing large groups of people centralised within trusted groups, respecting and reflecting logical groupings of people whilst maintaining their privacy, both inside and outside of work/school. Integration with Public Health England and the

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Cambridgeshire Schools Pilot provides valuable insights to managing COVID-19

Cambridgeshire Schools Pilot provides valuable insights to managing COVID-19 The CAM Academy Trust led by CEO Stephen Munday CBE engaged with Synoptic in August 2020 to develop out an engaged and in depth Reactivate pilot, initially carried out over two schools in Cambridgeshire. A truly collaborative project where constant feedback led to rapid innovation to deliver a solution that solved the myriad of problems identified in operating a school safely through a pandemic. This included daily digital symptomatic screening, PCR testing, isolation management and lateral flow based asymptomatic screening. Initially a primary school was given access to the app and was granted user licences to its 16 staff and 5 sets of parents (chosen at random) who, between them had 10

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Synoptic announces strategic partnership with Professor Sebastian Johnston’s Virtus-RR

Synoptic announces strategic partnership with Professor Sebastian Johnston's Virtus-RR Synoptic is pleased to announce they have entered into strategic partnerships with Professor Sebastian Johnston's Virtus-RR, a union that combines Synoptic’s industry-leading data management software with the world-class SARS-CoV-2 Quantitive Antibody testing services. With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of the Covid pandemic, Synoptic has recognised the need to accelerate the development of digital solutions so that we can overcome the virus as quickly as possible. The Synoptic-Virtus partnership brings together deep skills in data management and testing solutions that will help to support the public through these unprecedented times. Synoptic’s understanding of complex digital interactions, its deep engineering expertise, and collaborative approach is uniquely complimentary to the operations

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Research funding invitation with Synoptic Healthcare

Synoptic Healthcare open invitation for research study funding Synoptic are committed to empowering the healthcare community to undertake valuable research projects through our Synoptic Healthcare Open Invitation Research Programme. Proposals are reviewed by our medical team on merit and funding is made available. To apply for funding please contact us on

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