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How risk-management technology can provide an effective solution to COVID certification

Graeme Scott, chief executive and founder, Synoptic, explains the technology behind mooted COVID-19 certification.  There’s no doubt that COVID-19 Certification is an important step to reopening venues and hospitality, however at Synoptic, we believe that more than just proof of test or vaccination status is required to effectively manage risk. We have created the Synoptic Reactivate software which uses a personal owned responsibility model where a user is in control of their data, but connected to their friends, families, companies and wider society. Synoptic’s Reactivate software can detail whether a user has been vaccinated against COVID-19 and the length of time since this vaccination has taken place, helping determine whether an effective antibody response has yet occurred. For businesses, Reactivate can be used to manage the COVID-status of their workforce.

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Managing and monitoring COVID-19 risk: 5 lessons from the frontline

Providing school leaders with added support and new technological approaches can help to create more COVID-secure schools The UK, at long last, is slowly emerging from lockdown. Keeping schools open is – and should be – the government’s priority, but this process is likely to be fraught with challenges. With this in mind, in August 2020 Synoptic partnered with schools across Cambridgeshire to pilot Reactivate, integrating app technology with dashboard management software to support schools in managing their COVID risk. As users report their COVID status within the Reactivate app (i.e, symptoms or a positive test result), this information is then visible to an administrator within the secure Reactivate dashboard. The dashboard provides a clear and real-time overview that enables administrators to make swift decisions in order to minimise learning disruption and infection spread. In this

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Cambridgeshire Schools Pilot provides valuable insights to managing COVID-19

Cambridgeshire Schools Pilot provides valuable insights to managing COVID-19 The CAM Academy Trust led by CEO Stephen Munday CBE engaged with Synoptic in August 2020 to develop out an engaged and in depth Reactivate pilot, initially carried out over two schools in Cambridgeshire. A truly collaborative project where constant feedback led to rapid innovation to deliver a solution that solved the myriad of problems identified in operating a school safely through a pandemic. This included daily digital symptomatic screening, PCR testing, isolation management and lateral flow based asymptomatic screening. Initially a primary school was given access to the app and was granted user licences to its 16 staff and 5 sets of parents (chosen at random) who, between them had 10

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Synoptic announces strategic partnership with Professor Sebastian Johnston’s Virtus-RR

Synoptic announces strategic partnership with Professor Sebastian Johnston's Virtus-RR Synoptic is pleased to announce they have entered into strategic partnerships with Professor Sebastian Johnston's Virtus-RR, a union that combines Synoptic’s industry-leading data management software with the world-class SARS-CoV-2 Quantitive Antibody testing services. With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of the Covid pandemic, Synoptic has recognised the need to accelerate the development of digital solutions so that we can overcome the virus as quickly as possible. The Synoptic-Virtus partnership brings together deep skills in data management and testing solutions that will help to support the public through these unprecedented times. Synoptic’s understanding of complex digital interactions, its deep engineering expertise, and collaborative approach is uniquely complimentary to the operations

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