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Stop the virus in its tracks. Reactivate helps minimise and monitor the spread of Covid-19 and enables business operations to continue through daily screening and isolation management. 

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Keep track of every quarantined, isolated and at-risk staff member in real time

‘The importance of real-time data aggregation is paramount to understanding the virus and to taking effective action against its spread. Through daily screening, in both digital and test form, we can better understand the who, where and why and create a common operating picture that will enable us to stymie the virus and resume our daily lives.’

Professor Tim Drye – UK Data Scientist of the Year 2020

Manage regular test screening within your organisation and deploy on-demand tests to employees and their households

Testing is so important in helping to see the bigger public health picture not only when it comes to mitigation efforts but also in helping medical experts characterise and understand the virus; for example, how it spreads, who it infects, and the long-term implications.

Prof Sebastian Johnston MBBS PhD FERS FEAACI FRCP FRSB FMedSci – Imperial College London / Chairman & Chief Medical Officer Virtus RR

Ensuring critical communication of risk whilst maintaining strict GDPR compliance and ISO27001 standards

The pandemic has created a complex series of problems that require out the box thinking to connect the dots and create an end to end solution. Reactivate brings together the key components required to empower all stakeholders to defeat COVID-19 and step into a brighter future.

Graeme Scott – CEO, Synoptic

Testing options to cover low cost COVID-19 screening, antibody detection tests and lab based PCR tests to verify current infections

Rapid Antigen Tests

Antibody Tests

PCR Swab Tests

We work with a range of partners in the COVID-19 testing sector, from PHE Certified labs across the UK to sourcing experts who supply certified tests to both the public and private sector. Tests provisioned by our partners are sourced and delivered specifically outside of the Government supply chain to avoid disruption to national efforts, whilst enhancing capacity across the commercial sector.

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*Pricing for Reactivate Software only, tests sold separately. Prices exclude VAT.

Frequently asked questions

How do users install the app?2020-10-26T18:59:55+00:00

Every member of your organisation will be sent a text with a link via which you can download the app on your phone. If you have more than one phone, install the app on the one you use most often and carry this with you at all times.

What is a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19?2020-11-02T13:27:27+00:00

A person who has been close to a confirmed case from two days before the person was symptomatic to 10 days after the onset of symptoms and:

  • lives in the same household OR
  • has travelled in a car with the case OR
  • has been within 2 metres of a case for more than 15 minutes OR
  • has been within 1 metre of a case and had face-to-face contact including:
    • being coughed on
    • having a face-to-face conversation
    • having skin-to-skin physical contact
How will everyone know when their next test is?2020-11-02T13:19:22+00:00

Scheduled weekly testing within the workplace/school will be visible within the app detailing the date, time and location it will be taking place

How do you obtain everyone’s contact data?2020-11-02T13:10:54+00:00

Reactivate uses advanced API integration technology that securely associates the details that are naturally shared between employer and employee e.g. phone number, address, age etc

How will Reactivate help my business?2020-11-02T13:06:48+00:00

Reactivate is a customisable solution that enables businesses to take control of their own unique flow of people. It provides a single interface to manage visitors, employees, and anyone else on premises, while improving safety, efficiency and compliance.

How effective/accurate is the proposed testing?2020-11-23T20:34:03+00:00

Tests sourced to support our testing programmes have to satisfy rigorous efficacy/ accuracy/ reliability standards.

PCR tests are considered the gold standard of testing and typically offer the highest levels of sensitivity/specificity (up to 99.9+% infection detection accuracy at 6 days viral ‘load’. The Circular1 Health testing process involving both LAMP and PCR in series is currently operating at 99.995% specificity and 100% sensitivity.

Antigen tests recommended to support Pillar 5 testing must meet minimum efficacy/accuracy standards, defined as 98% specificity/90% sensitivity.  For example, a self-contained, sample collection device using lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay administered via nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal (nose and throat) samples, and one of the world’s first rapid antigen tests, offers 98.7% specificity/sensitivity in infection detection.  This test delivers results in just 15 minutes, on the spot, via a portable immunoassay device.

Antibody tests – The Virtus quantitative antibody test is the best validated and most sensitive commercially available antibody test. It is the only laboratory antibody test registered at the MHRA for use via home/work/school finger prick blood sampling. All other UK testing labs require venous blood drawn by a nurse/phlebotomist. The Virtus test is unique as the only test that has been validated in community Covid cases (as opposed to severe hospitalised cases). The Virtus test sensitivity, when compared to the Abbott test, was 87% vs 68% respectively and when compared to the Roche test 91% vs 69%. Quantitative testing permits the measurement of antibody levels over time to monitor change. The Virtus test results correlate very closely with neutralising (blocking the virus from entering and infecting cells) antibody levels, so it is highly likely that people with a positive Virtus antibody test are protected against getting Covid. Such people will not need regular swab testing to identify asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection and silent spreaders, until such time as they have become antibody negative.

How are tests deployed?2020-10-26T19:01:36+00:00

Tests may be deployed at home and in the workplace. 

Quantitative antibody tests are performed using a testing kit on finger-prick blood samples taken at home or at work. Each kit contains a pre-paid return envelope for delivery to the lab within 24hrs. Results are returned typically next day via the App.

LAMP/PCR tests will be performed on nasal /throat swabs which can be despatched to individuals by post or stored in bulk onsite to administer (as each programme determines).  PCR samples will be despatched by courier/post to prescribed laboratories for analysis and result notification within prescribed turnaround times (typically 24 hours).

As an employer am I responsible for reporting a positive test to PHE?2020-10-26T19:01:45+00:00

No. The statutory requirement is to report positive results to PHE. Circular1 Health and Virtus are doing this for antibody and LAMP/PCR. Synoptic will do so for antigen testing.

As an employer, am I in control of who gets tested?2020-11-02T13:07:56+00:00

Yes. Once a member of your organisation has logged feeling symptoms, they will be able to request a test. Pending approval from you (the employer), the test will be deployed to the employee’s home address.

As an employer, how can I ensure everyone updates their status?2020-10-26T19:03:25+00:00

Every member of your business with the app will receive daily reminders to update their health status. Once these have been completed this will be visible within the management console.

If someone is tested positive does the testing facility report to the authorities to start the formal follow-up?2020-10-26T19:04:02+00:00

We have established a procedure to report all positives to Public Health England who receive full details of the individuals concerned.

Who collects the sample for the PCR test?2020-10-27T14:26:01+00:00

Self-collected and/or collected by a medical professional

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