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As you reopen ensure safety and reinstate confidence in the workplace

Why will people not want to come back to work?


23% of remote workers would look for a new job rather than return to a workplace that they felt was unsafe, with 75% reporting that they did not feel safe working in their current employer’s buildings


59% of employees said that they were worried about co-workers not following COVID-19 health and safety rules and the risk that poses to themselves, their families and friends

Personal Experience

Many workers feel that the daily commute on public transport as well as an increase in human interaction involved with the workplace could mean they end up putting those they live with at risk


How can workers be sure that their employer is able to monitor all of the multiple variables? The vaccine only lasts 6 – 8 months, how do you monitor what % of the workforce has had it?

How do you get people back to the workplace?

  • By asking employees – ‘Do I pose a risk to others today?’
  • Creating a fair and transparent workplace
  • Empower corporate responsibility by securely managing employee health risk
  • Demonstrate safety requirements are in place in the post-pandemic landscape
  • Empowering employees with the ability to disclose risk and protect colleagues

Equitable working environment

Reactivate reassures staff that their safety is a priority by enabling the individual to disclose their health status to their employer. Whether you are taking COVID tests, reporting symptoms or logging your vaccination status, Reactivate enables people to create an equitable and responsible workplace in which no one poses a risk


Manage your workforce safely and securely

Safely bringing people back to the workplace brings many questions which are difficult to answer. Reactivate empowers both the employee and the employer to enable sensible and transparent sharing of information that assists companies reduce risk and create confidence in the workplace

Protect against the spread of infection across home and work bubbles whilst maintaining user privacy

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